Can't wait for your Life Insurance Money



American / Las Vegas
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I LOVE IT WHEN YOU GIVE ME ALL THAT MONEY!” Did your wife change your heart medication on you? You can’t move! As you lie on the bed immobilized she grabs your hand and has you sign some life insurance over to her. Then she starts to stroke you cock softly at first... but then more insistently. What is she doing??? She knows you can’t orgasm or you will die!!! She also knows how much you love her cute natural tits… and her Soft Pliable Mouth. Then she puts her sexy feet in those hot Stockings all over your cock… All the while Denying your orgasm again and again! The next thing that happens is amazing and horrifying at the same time; she turns around and puts your rock hard cock between her ass cheeks and grinds! Again though… No Orgasm allowed! While you are suffering in Denial she turns around again and rubs your hard shaft between her wet pussy lips and rubs herself to orgasm all the while knowing you are not allowed to cum! All of this is really turning her on! Finally it’s time. She makes you blow a giant load that is the most amazing orgasm of your life… It’s so large it bursts your heart. Now all of your money and possessions will belong to Cindy, your Starfallen Evil Greedy wife