Kitty's first Hitachi

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American / Fairy Land
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mills8604 Sep 12 2017
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My new favorite video, from my new favorite model. Josie is spectacular in this video. Absolutely real orgasms, and yes plural, I'll let you figure out how many by watching the vid.
Some pussy slapping, and spanking rounds out this incredibly sexy video.
There is no doubt after watching this video that Josie was genuinely enjoying her time with that Hitachi.
Buy this video, you will absolutely not be disappointed.

Watch this pink velvet covered kitten play with her new Hitachi! I'll show you my pretty tail and get right to work for you, do you want to see how many times this kitty can make herself purr?! Ill get myself off in various positions, spank my pretty pussy for you until I cum again and again! I'll even spank my booty until it turns bright right for you, I'll get myself off until I just can't take it anymore
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