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TOO BAD HUBBY... YOU CAN'T CUM!!! <br> BiBi's husband is a weak man. BiBi can even out-lift him in the gym! She knows he does not have a strong constitution, or a lot of Stamina. She has decided to test his limits. She stuffs him into a mask and Chastity device and brings him to the gym. Then she makes him get onto the press up machine. He fails to lift the bar even once! BiBi tries to coax him along by yanking the leash on his chastity device, forcefullly yanking his dick up making him do involuntarry Chastity Dick Pushups! Poor Hubby! Then after Hubby fails yet again she brings him over to another area of the gym, where she realizes all the suffering has actually turned him on! He practically bursts out of Chastity! Now BiBi decides to test his constitution once more. This time with her Hands, Her Giant Tits, and her ripe mouth! She brings poor blue ball Hubby to the Brink of Orgasm again and again! Until in the agony of being Teased and Denied, Edged Over and Over. Hubby can't stand it, he has a brutall heart attack