A Quick Demonstration

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Goddess Eris

American / Washington
1,476 5.0
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This was one of the best peggings I have ever seen DEFINITELY worth the price.

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this is the hottest and roughest pegging scene I have ever seen. Definitely worth the price. 10/10

SerumGreenTim - Top reviewer Oct 20
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I liked this vid a lot !
Beyond her sexyness, Goddess Eris seems to have this perfect mix between domination and playfullness, teasing her human toy, being self-confident, knowing her stuff, and knowing "how to talk to men" (or "bitches" ^_^). She's not shy with her strap-on, going nicely on her slave, who seems to be quite into it, even if he's struggling (but really discrete, as a slave should be ^_^).
It goes straight to the point but the slave is already prepared so it goes really smoothly and directly to the essentiel of the vid, and Goddess Eris is not wasting any second of it.
I think I'm under her charm and her strap-on's charm. ^_^

My sub's ass is always ready for a quick fuck to keep me entertained. With his cock locked away, I can give him a pounding whenever just because I want to