Chikkin candy mountain cake w/ al storm



American / Arizona
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We find ourselves on top of the desert candy mountain with messyhot fan favorite Chikkin already naked. She pours corn syrup all over her body so it glistens in the sun, and then she pours sprinkles over her chest. I get some great slowmo action of the sprinkles. Once she's completely sprinkled up, she turns around and drops her ass in the cake smooshing it around with her cheeks and the rainbow insides of the cake are revealed. She devours handfuls and keeps the spreading going. More corn syrup covers her face and chest and then treats us to a flow over her ass. She gets her dreds all covered in goop too then eats some jello and keeps the green theme going as she squirts frosting onto her tits and makes some splorching noises with the tube. Adding more green to her concoction, Chikkin covers herself with more icing and green jello, smooshing it through all of her parts as she giggles. I let her know the white icing should be her next indulgence and the desert heat has it melted already so it pours and slides all over in an extra sticky mess. She then goes to work on her face with whipped cream followed by her ass, which gets a mighty slap causing the fluff to explode. We catch a couple of slow motion shots in part 2 so you get to see the cream fly off her ass and explode between her tits. Chikkin gives us a little bootie shaking then covers herself with candy mustaches. Ending the third clip is our slow motion experiment with shaken canned champagne. You get to see it explode on her face in glorious 500fps slowmo and then she pours out the rest. The third part of our adventure starts with Chikkin spraying herself in the face with slow motion sparkling grape juice, and then she creates a delightful banana cream pie with pie crust and whipped cream, adding some sprinkles into the mix. We introduce our celebrity guest pie facer, AL Storm! The legendary UK Hardcore DJ came along to put a pie in Chikkin's face! Of course we caught the replay in slow motion for you! Sprinkles over her gorgeous booty are next in normal and slow speeds, then Al and I take turns throwing cupcakes at Chikkin's ass pelting her with gooey goodness in the desert heat as she giggles about our adventure. After such a good time we finally wrap with Al delivering the facial. Make sure to pick up some of Al Storms music at
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