Sissy Therapist - Session 4

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The fourth session in a custom clip series. This features a therapist session where an ‘alpha male jock’ visits a doctor to be made into what he really is…..a sissy slut. As this is a custom it includes the name Felix. Putting you into a trance I’ll take you under then begin work….. In the previous sessions we covered everything you’d need to change in order to bring out your inner Sissy. Turning you from a jock into a limp wristed sissy is going to take some work but with the help of a little trance we'll strip away your male ego and get you swaying your hips and speaking like a sissy in no time. You’ll be moulded into a more feminine you. In this assignment you’ll be put deep under and you’ll recap on what you’ve learnt up until now including your sexy poses before slipping you into a little pink and black babydoll. You really want to be a pretty sissy with growing breasts and large swaying hips, so I introduce you to the next step…A new medicine that’ll transform you in no time. Its not that straightforward though, as I must administer the dose in a special kind of way. Now be a good girl and take your medicine! INCLUDES: ENGLISH MISTRESS, SISSY TRAINING, SISSY SLUT, ENFORCED BI, ENFORCED FEM, TRANCE, TRANSFORMATION FETISH, ENFORCED CROSS-DRESSING, MEDICAL FETISH, ROLE PLAY, FETISH, FEMDOM & REDHEAD