Freebie Tuesday

An Intimate Interlude

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616 5.0
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Stevensteven Sep 20 2017
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Just watched this great work with my girlfriend, we both loved your artful squirting :) and the building up to it. We can't wait for the next production.

NickelKink Sep 18 2017
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Katelynn's artistic spirt flows throughout this work, the grace of her movement, the use of light, shadow, focus, movement, entices the soul, and drew forth in me a range of emotion, and entangled my mind in wonder, thought, and appreciation of many forms and expression of beauty.

LeeRobledo Sep 16 2017
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I watched your video. OMG seems inadequate. Very sensual and beautiful. You look great and I love the shading on your body, the moves that combine yoga and other forms. I loved the quality of the video. The music was fine. I like how you stopped the music so that I could hear the click of the jar of lubricant on concrete. Even that sound heightened the sensuality. And you used your favorite vibrartor. That made me happy for some reason. I usually do not enjoy squirting not because it bothers me but usually it does nothing for me. However, you aroused me. I love your voice, the convulsions of your body, your swollen pussy....whoops got off track. The texture of the video was fun. Good job. Excuse me, I need to watch it again.

GraemeA Sep 15 2017
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You draw me in as you slowly remove your dress, and then you are naked on the cold, hard floor, moving with the poise you always do and the power of your body in this performance art. It’s arousing, it’s calming and graceful, its many things at once. This time there is no eye contact once you start to take pleasure. The light on your skin through the blinds - those legs and feet….. But the climax - incredible in a way only you can deliver!

cderer Sep 14 2017
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Loved the video! The teasing portion was lit amazingly well. The audio on the business section was great. Really enjoyed it overall. Both sensual and sexy. 5 ⭐

Katelynn Koi's comes undone for you. Soft, sensual, teasing, and explorative, until she can't handle it anymore