Leave Your Wife For Me - Jessa Rhodes



American / Las Vegas
8:23 min - Sep 12 - .MP4 - 306.66 MB - 1920x1080 HD


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Jessa starts by unbuckling your pants as she tells you that she's a little disappointed.. she says she's happy that you gave her your car, your credit cards, and let her drain your banks accounts. But it bothers her that your wife is still in the picture. She was happy that you didnt spend any money on your wife's birthday and bought Jessa a present instead, but still.. she's decided that it's time for your wife to go. She takes out your cock and starts teasing and sucking it.. you know you need this in your life way more than you need your wife. She makes you tell her that your wife doesnt suck your dick the way Jessa does, and then she makes you tell her that your wife is ugly. You don't want her to stop sucking your dick so you will do or say anything she tells you. She makes you tell her that you are going to get rid of your wife and give you everything your wife owns. Then she makes you tell her that you will do anything to keep her. She keeps teasing you.. even rubbing her pussy and ass on your cock and telling you that she might even fuck you if you do what she tells you. She talks about making your wife into her slave and giving her a leash and collar. In the end, she takes your wedding ring off your finger and casually tosses it aside. The blowjob is SO INCREDIBLE.. this clip will blow your mind and RUIN YOUR MARRIAGE