Jerking off your small penis in class

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Canadian / Las Vegas
120 5.0
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Your teacher Miss Jassie caught you playing with your peepee under the desk & she's DONE with your shenanigans!! She makes you stand up and announces to the entire class that you were busted jerking your penis in class & to keep doing it... that's right, to keep jerk it and show the class what you're doing! Wait.... what exactly are you jerking down there?? is it fully hard?? Now's a good time to teach the class about small penises. It turns into a very embaressing anatomy lesson on big cocks vs tiny peenies. It's very humiliating that she's making you do this but she's also going on & on about how small the size it & wondering if it even works. She makes you stroke it with your thumb & forfinger until you cum on the floor & then clean it up