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Tia Tizzianni

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2,903 5.0
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BaileyLove6969 Sep 13 2017

We have had so many transformation and feminization sessions and I have loved them. Truly loved them. I also love it when you transform me and other girls together. YUM.
Michelle is a stunning girl. I hope you post tons of vids of her and I hope I can shoot with her. 
Bailey Love

Sinmurx - Top reviewer May 18
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how wouldn't want to pound that sweet butt

Make sure you see Michelle Allergy's other videos including her starring in the ORGY with 5 other gorgeous TS. See is a stunning girl. :)

WayneXtreme - Top reviewer Sep 20 2017
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In this video, this cute little Latina is transformed and trained to be a good little bottom slut. We really don't see any hardcore action in this teaser, but that's why they call it a teaser. Still a hot video.

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