Mermaid goddess Mesmerize


Savannah Fox

American / Las Vegas
11:03 min - Sep 12 - .MP4 - 639.61 MB - 1280x720 HD


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I look like a goddess with my long flowing hair, I catch you eyes with my beautiful face, my eyes are like deep wells that you can drown in. Your eyes drift down to my sexy body. You cant help but me enchanted by my beautiful curves. As I turn around you see my magnification booty encased in skintight mermaid leggings. You know your in for a treat as I seductively run my hands over by curves, tugging and pulling on my nipples until they are so hard you can see right though my shirt. You start to lose yourself, you can feel the rest of the world fading into blackness into you can see only me. At first your hear my seductive voice but then as i start to shake and jiggle my ass you lose your hearing. You are so entranced by my booty its all you can think about, all you can hear. I seductively roll my curves at you and order you to take your cock out I dance and tease you so much, that when you reach to grab your cock, you realize its the hardest its ever been. I completely control and own you with my ass. Your all mine as I grind and hump the floor. You imagine yourself under me, feeling the warmth of my pussy and ass pressing and grind against your cock and its almost enough to make your cock explode