My Huge Fake Silicones


Lacy Luck

American / USA
12:36 min - Sep 12 - .MP4 - 720.17 MB


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Custom clip, no names are used so everyone can join the fun. The order: It's really just you kind of egging your boyfriend on, knowing that what you're saying is playing into his fantasy and turning him on. "So, babe. It's no secret what your favorite thing in the world is now, is it? Go ahead, baby. Tell me how much you love my huge implants, my huge fake tits. I know you love my boob job, baby. Just look at them. So big, and huge, and absolutely full of silicone for you. God, I mean, my tits are absolutely massive. What's it like knowing that every guy wants to get in to your girls huge boob job, babe? What do you think, hun? Do you want to fuck 'em? Do you want to fuck my huge fake tits? Do you want to fuck my huge implants? Oh, I know you do, babe, but guess what? I think I'm gonna' go and get these things pumped up even bigger. Yeah, I want 'em huge for you. I know I have the biggest fake tits ever, but I want a fucking massive boob job, baby. I want to go down to the see that big boob doctor and just pull 'em out like this and tell him "Go ahead doc, Just pump 'em up like two balloons. Make 'em pop, doc." Does that turn you on, babe? Knowing your girlfriend wants to take her huge fake tits down to get blown out fucking huge? Can you imagine my huge implants getting pumped with even more silicone? Just bigger, and bigger and bigger until they're just ready to pop? How big should I get 'em, babe? This big? This big? This big? Until they just burst on the operating table? I bet you'd love that wouldn't you? Seeing these things get pumped fucking huge? What if they made me too big, baby? So tight and full of silicone they just had to squeeze me? Oh your cock is getting so hard, you want these to just get too big, don't you?&quot