Freebie Tuesday




British / ARIZONA
17:00 min - Sep 13 - .WMV - 631.35 MB


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Teacher Ms Goldie Blair has a thing for you her POV pupil and takes you on a dinner date...She dirty talks to you as she plays with her hot fudge sundae dipping and sucking her sauce covered finger then provocatively eating her ice cream letting it deliberately letting it fall onto her lap making a sexy sticky mess in the crotch of her jeans and thighs loving the response she gets from you and the people in the restaurant loving making an exhibitionist of herself...She has more sexy play in store for you as she beckons you to follow her into the empty back room of the restaurant revealing she has more sticky fun in her bag with two bottles of syrup and honey she pours down both jean legs filling them up overflowing her crotch and ass crack with sticky syrup down into her boots! Next she gets the honey and covers her big tits with sexy stickiness then grabbing your hard cock she hand and blow jobs you til you cum huge amount of cream all over her sticky tits and face to finish her wet and messy fetish