Your pretty burping neighbour visits you



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You surely didn´t think tonight would happen this, because these things only happen in movies or in your wet fantasies. But today it is going to come true. Somebody rings your doorbell in the evening, you just go and open it in your pijama... and wow!! What is that? Who is this amazing woman in red? Your eyes start rolling like the fruits in a slot machine, you stay shocked for some secs, your brain suddenly goes blank. That gorgeous brunette girl with red lips and a stunning matching babydoll shines like a Goddess before your eyes. - "Sorry to bother you at this time of the night. I am Angie, your new neighbour - she burps like a real lioness- I was wondering if you could give me some salt for my dinner..." But you soon realize she is not in your door just to ask you that ingredient. She has seen you these last days in the elevator, and she is there now to provoke you, to get you horny like hell with her seductive look and her provocative voice. And her sinful body. And her numerous thunderous burps she is giving you. She invites you to have dinner together, and you can´t say no. That would be a sacrilege. You jerked off last night when you heard her strong and powerful belches on the other side of the wall. You were waiting for this moment in your dreams. And now you can´t throw it away... YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you always ask when your fat old neighbour will sell her house. HIGHLIGHTED: Angie in her spectacular red lingerie can´t be refused at all. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW