Freebie Tuesday

Lick it

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You spend your whole life pretending your an Alpha, pretending you deserve to be in control, pretending that YOU even deserve to be considered a man. Now you are going to have a little reality check.  I am making you accept the fact that the image you portray to the world is false. Look at me, feel how weak you just got, as I assumed complete control. It was so natural you came right to attention. All those illusions that you want the world, your coworkers, friends, family, are completely stripped away from you by My Dominance, and it's that easy. Take off your clothes, I'm stripping you of all defense, and facing you to accept who you are, to see no matter how ashamed you are about to be, that no matter what you want others to think, you are just a small, weak, pathetic, scared, insecure, emasculated, beta boot bitch and in reality your whole life is not yours, it belongs to me. Look at you, naked trembling, scared, in awe of my beauty, dominance and control. You can't even look me in the eye. Your eyes down cast as you stare at my thigh high black shiney boots and I know exactly why. Your submissive beta nature betrays you, it is so easy to see how intimidated you are by me. I think we both know a loser like you would be a lot more comfortable right where you are looking, so get down there on your knees. Beg to put your face at my boots and don't forget to say please. Now look up at me, what do you see, from toe to crown I'm everything you dreamed perfection would be. Now it's time you prove who you really are to me so say it out loud, im a pathetic beta boot bitch slave for Goddess Roxy. Good little slaves get rewarded so now you will see just how pathetic and weak for these boots you can be. A spit shine and polish with your beta bitch tongue, you will lick everything up especially the cum