Guidance Counsellor Helps You Tug

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Brookelynne Briar

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588 5.0
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the sliding between professional, friendly tone of the counselor into the dirty talk was a big highlight for me. starting with giggles toward the viewers confusion and moving into aggressive, overt sexuality. Another great character performance! nice acting Brookelynne!

chipandmattel - Top reviewer Mar 25
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Brooke is sexy hott and amazing in this.. SEXY smile too just looking gorgeous!!

It's exam season as you are extremely stressed out! Lucky for you, your guidance counsellor has a an exercise that you can practice whenever you need to ride yourself of that pesky pre-exam anxiety, restless energy, or distracting thoughts so that you can focus on the task at hand. Imagine your surprise when you find out said exercise involves you getting your cock out and stroking it for her! Not only that - but she lifts up her skirt to reveal a huge dildo and strap on which she uses to demonstrate the exact technique. You follow along, tugging to her specific instructions and blow a huge, milky wad all over her desk. To your surprise, you really do feel more focused