Caught Stroking In The Sauna

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Brookelynne Briar

Canadian / Canada
1,517 5.0
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ichwilldich Dec 7 2017
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a nice joi Clip. Brookelynne Briar shows her beautiful body and instructs you to musturbate. At some point she fingers her pussy. Hot and beautiful.

Dude! What the fuck are you doing!? Are you seriously jerking it in a public sauna!? What sort of a fucking pervert are you!? You know what - I bet you here HOPING to get caught. Weren't you? You are some sick exhibitionist who gets off tugging his dick in front of people. You should be ashamed of yourself! Lucky for you - you are kind of cute. So instead of barging out of here and calling security, I'm going to give you the chance to fulfill your perverted fantasy and stroke while I watch. I'll even talk dirty to you and tease you by letting you peek at my perky tits. Maybe the sight of you jerking to my commands will make me wet enough that I'll join in and finger myself while you stroke