The Ultimate Edging Challenge

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Brookelynne Briar

Canadian / Canada
1,757 5.0
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Brookelynne Briar really knows her stuff. I just discovered edging joi's, and I can't get enough! She really knows how to make you work for it. ;D

I hear that you are a fan of edging? Is that true? I also hear that you think yourself the master of control in regards to your edging? Well, we'll see about that. I want to put you to the test. How about we play a little game: I'll instruct you on how to jerk off and edge, and if you can keep up with my instructions, I'll allow you to cum a gigantic wad all over my face and titties. However, if you CAN'T keep up with my instructions, and cum before I say, then you have to abstain from masturbating for 48, re-start this video, and try again. Do you think you are up too the challenge? Be aware, I'm not going to make this easy for you. I am not only going to strip naked and play with my pussy as you stroke, but I will also make you edge for increasingly longer periods of time throughout this video. But I have faith in you. So let's get started