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pregnantbellylover deleted Oct 22 2017

Your pregnant belly is so huge and sexy here. Literally makes for the best sex

christor Sep 19 2017

Good show!

ElleAtTheEssex Sep 29 2017

Aww thank you Thor!!! You're so freaking awesome...always hanging out in O/our shows and supporting O/our videos 💖🐼

AlessioM1992 - Top reviewer Jan 30
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awesome content for an amazing price

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Once again Lexxi Lust knocks it out the park with this one! I continue to search her looking for more! Thank you!

SlapBoxingWithGod - Top reviewer Sep 28
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Preggo vids are always nice

Preggolover420 Dec 1 2017
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Really hot a little more attention to her tummy would be ideal but I’ve nutted to this twice a day for a week

arrow2ken - Top reviewer Nov 3 2017
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Tremendous quality of video. Not grainy. Did I mention hot sex action!

ericasse - Top reviewer Oct 12 2017
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Very nice video. Lexxi is beautiful and I really enjoyed watching her and Daddy. 10/10 would recommend buying.

ElleAtTheEssex Oct 16 2017

🤗😘 I love watching Daddy with Lexxi!!! Her face is so magical.

ElleAtTheEssex Sep 19 2017

:x Love you Thor ;)

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