Nude Beach Temptation


Rhiannon Rain

American / Malibu
1:42 min - Sep 13 - .MP4 - 135.17 MB


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One day, I was feeling extra horny. I wanted to feel the wind and water on my skin (and oggle naked men's dicks as the oggled my body). So I went to Hippie Hollow. I was there for one hour fantasizing about one of these guys taking me in the water with their hard cocks gliding and slamming in and out of my pussy with people all around. Finally, my imagination got the best of me. I went under a little rock formation along the beach and started fingering myself while people were swimming and laying out all around me, naked. All I could think about was someone catching me. I WANTED someone to catch me. To come tell me how naughty I was being and teach me a lesson and please me with their perfect cock. Then I saw a girl with perky, small titties and perfect pink nipples. My mind was racing now. Thinking about her walking up to the guy fucking me and saying, "Well that's no fair. I want to play too" as she gently pushed him aside. She would start flicking her tongue all over my already swollen clit while she gently massaged my breasts in her soft hands. As I lean over to both of them to get a taste of myself, I taste salt from my pussy and the water on my tongue. Salt had never tasted so sweet... I wanted to more... That's what I was thinking about during this video