Why Findom



American / Oregon
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Random sluts always ask me, why findom? Why is money so important? The answer should be obvious but this clip is the extended response. I only do what excites me get it? You, however, smell like doubt. You smell like tears, and sweat, and loneliness. You smell like cum spilled on empty sheets. So strongly I can smell it through my fucking screen. So no, talking to you doesn't excite me. It doesn't give me that rush of good emotion that speaking to me gives you. I know you wish you could make me feel that good. I know you fantasize about about stirring in me the feelings I overwhelm you with. When I see big fat tributes I get excited. It's the only time you beta bitches illicit a physical response in me. The bigger the number the bigger the tingle up my thighs and spine, and I think to myself... it's time to play