Loving Mother Teaches You to Ejaculate

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What’s the matter, son? Who called you what at school? Slow down…what happened? Oh, you got a boner in the shower after pe and some of the other boys called you - oh, I understand now. No sweetheart, getting boners in the shower doesn’t make you gay, although it’d be fine if you were, but son…you know you like girls. Don’t be silly. You like breasts, right? Like mom’s big ones? Do you get boners when you look at breasts…like these? Look at mom’s breasts uncovered…see what they look like, son? Do you like to look at my nipples? Like seeing my cleavage….seeing me slowly touch my breasts, like this? It does, doesn’t it? Mm-hmm….I thought so. You like that, don’t you? Does that give you a boner, son? Right now….is your wiener hard? Don’t be shy….tell momma. It’s perfectly natural to get hard when you’re looking at big titties, even your mom’s. What do you mean you don’t like the boners? Why? They hurt? Son…don’t you know you’re supposed to masturbate when you have boners? It hurts because you’re supposed to rub your boner until stuff comes out and then it’ll feel better. Well, I don’t know if I should help you with this part, son. Yes, you’re right…I guess…it’s like showing you my titties…mom’s going to help you. But you cannot tell a single person about this. What? No sweetheart, I’ll show you my titties again but you cannot see your mom’s vagina. I don’t know if that’s appropriate…yes, I know you need to learn, and I know you love me and are tired of the boys picking on you, but…well… Okay baby. I’ll show you what a vagina looks like, and show you how to masturbate properly. Just this once. Just so you know how. Come closer… Now spit in your hand a little, wrap your fingers around your boner, and rub it back and forth. Does that feel good? Okay….keep doing that and look at mom’s vagina. In just a minute it’ll get all tingly and stuff will come out - then you’ll have ejaculated and it’ll go down. I’m going to spread it wide for you, baby, get down here and look closely at what a woman’s vagina looks like. Keep rubbing yourself baby….that’s right…good boy.. …it’s getting very hard…your balls are very tight…keep rubbing baby.. Mom’s going to rub herself…right here where it feels good, while you rub yourself. We’ll make it feel better together. Mm-hmm…look closely at mom’s pink vagina…go a little faster now… Why did you stop, baby? You have to keep rubbing it until it cums, son…don’t stop now! Oh baby…don’t be silly. You have to finish. It’ll feel good, I promise. Here, just this once…mommy will do it for you. Stand right there, look at my vagina….and I’ll rub if for you until you ejaculate. It’ll feel SO much better then. See? I can tell that feels good, oh my…look how hard you’re getting…it’ll only be a second, now baby… Wow!! Gosh, son! That’s….umm…that’s a lot of cum. You’ve been saving up for a very long time, haven’t you? It’s splashed all over mom’s pussy and thighs and skirt…it’s even all over the floor in front of you and dripping from your already-shrinking dick. What a good boy you are