Peaches in Nylon
Fetish Friday

When I was YOUNG I was a CUMSLUT TOO



American / Chicago, IL
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Teek64 deleted Sep 15 2017

Yeah !!! Very hot and a great cock !!!

Watch for my CREAMPIE at the end. That will prove I was the CUMSLUT I still am today. I LOVE CUM! OMG this is one of my very early videos. I found a Daddy to care for me and help me with my feminine things. He taught me alot about how to satisfy my man. How to milk his COCK with my PUSSY. He had me as his BITCH as you can see by my CHASTITY and I LOVED IT and I STILL DO. Watch as he FUCKS me in a couple of different positions with my CHASTITY flopping to his rhythmic pounding of my ass. In the end Daddy CREAMS me with one of my hottest feelings to this day, his hot WHITE CUM SPURTING DEEP INSIDE OF ME. YUM CREAMPIE is so HOT! This CREAMPIE was probably one of the first of many I have rec'd but Daddy had monster loads and would squirt deep in me for what seemed like minutes and minutes. I long for those again. ~ transformation by Tia Tizzianni ~ ~ directed by Tia Tizzianni