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I had gone to That well known swingers club in Derby, Klub Kink and I was sat at the bar chatting to the very sexy Summer Angel lee, it was early and there wasnt much action so we decided to have a little fun and I soon had Summers Tits out and I was sucking on her nipples and she was keen to suck on mine before rubbing my pussy, We moved away from the bar and I took my knickers off before we started to play on the sofa. Summer laid back and I sucked hard on her wet juicy pussy before sliding my finger inside her, I finger fucked her hard and soon had two fingers deep inside her and I soon made her cum, Time for a toy and Summer spread her cunt wide and I buried the Golden Rabbit all the way inside her with the bunny ears rubbing hard on her clit I thrust harder and faster until she reached orgasm then I sucked all the juices from her erect clit. Trisha xxx
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