Jinx Takes What She Wants

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17,163 5.0
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MarcB1011 - Top reviewer Sep 16 2017
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Adorable, yummy and delicious. I love her anime play and she's amazing in this with her large toys and vibrating butt plug!

She's a sweet but very kinky girl and you'll enjoy this and all her content.

Infamous_czar - Top reviewer Sep 14 2017
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Let me start by saying wow Berpl plays the part of Jinx just right. The dirty talk and telling us what she wants is simply incredible. From there the video only gets better and better. The ending will blow your mind, I have to say this is in my top all time favourites! You'll be doing yourself a huge favor by picking this video up, I assure you you'll love it! Keep up the amazing work Berpl!

Hy_Spy Sep 23
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Everything about this video is amazing. The Jinx contacts look stunning. The way your beautiful bush pokes around the gstring at the start of the video, and they frames your perfect ass. The way the plug flexes in and out of your ass. The body shaking orgasms. The anal creampie at the end. It's all amazing.

This was a last second video that includes a fun AMV-esque intro. I've never made anything like that and it is is very short part of the video. I hope everyone likes it! :3) So you wanna get Jinx'd do ya? Well you better be ready... because I take what I want. Like this vibrating buttplug or your big fat cock in my asshole. What? Have you never seen a girl cum from anal before
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