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107 5.0
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TigerGrowls - Top reviewer Nov 5
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Prep Video shows it all! Time to purchase her panties!!

Preparing panty #4 for shipment featuring my new Bad Dragon Tako tentacle dildo and magic wand vibrator. There is a lot of playing in this thong before I bag and ship it........ As some already know when you purchase panties from me you have the option for a 10 min video of me "preparing" the panties for you. You can choose to just have the basic package I do for panties or you can message me in advance to talk about what you want include in your package. This video shows what you will get when you get the basic package. You receive the panties of your choice and a 10 min video just like this one (sometimes I go over the 10 mins like in this vid, but to no extra charge for the buyer
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