Knock Knock Neighbor

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3,374 5.0
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While near impossible - hang in there until the end. Hot as hell.

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Un. Fucking. Real. So invested into the role and the immersion here is over-the-top good. Amber looks totally flawless, as always. Solid runner for hottest woman on the planet...and here she is, ready to make a porno for you; what more could you want?!

P.S. - if any of you guys make it to the end of this video, you're a goddamn hero.

Man- I am exhausted.. I have been riding my bike around the block and I really need to take a break. I decided to stop by my neighbors house, I have not before met him, but he looks really nice from the few times I have seen him... So I knock on his door- hoping for a glass of water and a phone (although my intentions are far deeper than this- he has no idea... yet).. He seems to be a bit hesitant to allowing me inside, NO IDEA WHY. Whatever, I FINALLY get inside and it takes me no time at all and this man wants me. KNEW IT! Fuck-I am EXCITED. So is he... he is married by the way... mmm.. That didn't take much.. Watch me tease my married neighbor before I beg him to take me on his counter top