You are my delicious reward lunch today



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I am an ambitious and strict businesswoman, I work hard daily to get my goals achieved and I love taking care of myself because I deserve it. Today I want to reward my effort, that is why I paid so much money for you. You were a very expensive lunch. The lady in the shop assured me that you are the finest tasting dish they had in stock and that I wouldn't regret buying you, so I maintain high expectations of your flavour. I hope you taste as good as you look! I can't wait to eat you all up when I am finished working! I deserve to treat myself to something nice to eat. You will be such a nice reward. I do hope you'll wriggle around and beg me not to eat you. It's always so much more fun that way. I'm so looking forward to gobbling your naked body all up! Mmmmmm. What a yummy treat for my lunch you'll be. Don't look so scared. You knew why you were being sold to me. I paid good money for you and I'm going to eat you slowly and make sure I get my money's worth. I'm going to eat you all up for my lunch! Hahaha I'm going to put you on my tongue and let you slide into my big mouth before gulping you down into my hungry tummy. Good-bye my expensive little treat! Mmmmm.. how yummy! Now you are in my tummy. I really deserved that! YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: you know you are always at my service. HIGHLIGHTED: there is a storm brewing during the whole clip... and then the unevitable happened. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW