Be my breath slave and cum smelling it



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Shhhhhhhhhhhh.... listen to my whispering sweet words and don´t say a word. You are about to discover the wonders of my stinky morning breath, you´d better get used to it quick because you will smell it every day from now on. What I have in my mouth at the very first hour in the morning is something similar to a trash bin, you have no idea. You can guess what I had for dinner the night before just sniffing my breath. But only thinking about it gets you so hard, right? This motivates you and your cock. I will huff gently and breath slowly on your face and nose, like a tender cuddle, so as you can feel my rotten throat and stomach. Don´t trust my kind eyes, I am wicker than you think. You will be my own breath slave, you will have to be brave and strong enough to resist my morning stench. Don´t pass out, wake up!! Just jerk off with my breath and cum for me, poor thing. Only the day you get to cum just by smelling my mouth, no hands, just your nose... you will become my real breath slave. YOU WILL LIKE IT IF: your nose and your dick are directly connected. HIGHLIGHTED: my seductive voice delight your ears... nothing to do with my disgusting breath. INDULGE YOURSELF, BUY ME NOW