Rapture Face Fucks Her Slave



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Rapture spent years working her way around a pole. After a brief break, she decides to to treat her newest fuck boy to one of her old dances. Rubbing and grinding her ass on his throbbing cock, one would ask why she ever stopped dancing. Her fuck boy makes the wrong decision in sharing his true intentions with her. Begging her to fuck him, he gives her complete control of however she wants to fuck. As she agrees, little does he know what's coming. The Goddess proceeds to blindfold and restrain him, strapping her favorite dildo onto his face. What comes next cannot be explained clearly in words. She fucks him, fucks the cock strapped to his face, and fucks him some more while she sucks & jerks the cock attached to his head & mouth. Once achieving 100% complete dominance and control over his cock, she gets bored and leaves him wondering what just happened