Sister Rose's Gay Therapy


Olivia Rose

American / Sin City
9:02 min - Sep 15 - .MP4 - 675.99 MB


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So, you have come for our therapy, have you? With our therapy many have been cured, many souls have been saved. Our therapy has always been controversial. We are going to exorcise the gay right out of you. We use what you crave most, to treat you: cock. We will set a large gangbang in the church. This will cure you of your want and need to be gay. You will have the gay fucked right out of you. That is what you want, right? To no longer have that temptation? Hahaha! You didn't think that this was an actual church did you? This church is not going to fuck the gay right out of you. This church is going to instead have you on your knees praying to a higher power for more cock! That's right, we are going to make you even more gay! Gay for GOD! I am so glad you decided to come and join my congregation and that your priest recommended me to you. You thought you were gay now and needed to get away from it? Think again! Just wait till Sister Rose gets finished with you! This video includes: Gay Humiliation, Religious Blasphemy, Nun, Naughty Nun, Sacrilegious, Therapy, Imposed Bi, Make Me Bi, Imposed Gay, Femdom POV