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Ruined By A Cute Girl On The Internet - Blackmail-Fantasy

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HumiliationPOV proudly introduces our newest brat, Skylar Locke! She is fucking fantastic! Her sweet voice will absolutely melt you and ruin you. This is a hot blackmail-fantasy clip. You will be hooked. Get into her blackmail-fantasy program now before it's too late, her mailbox is already filling up and she might not notice you lol! I'm so excited that you decided to sign up for my blackmail-fantasy program. I thought we would start out with something similar to that first video chat we had. You know, the one where I was whispering sweet little nothings in your ear and you started to shudder through the screen lol. And every second that ticked by I started to realize that you're really easy to play with. And by play I mean, ruin lol! But back to our video chat... I noticed that when I was talking about some of the details about your life, it made you really excited and you just wanted to give up more information. The more questions I asked, well you were just willing to spill more and more information. And each piece you gave up made you more and more excited. But wait, are you into blackmail-fantasy? Lol! Well I'm going to tell you a little secret, I'm into it to. So that must be why you signed up for this program, isn't it? I bet I could make you do anything for me, I mean since you're getting off on it. It's kinda funny to think about, a little power play, this cute bratty girl on the internet getting all of your strong man information. Lol. Who would have thought? But it must be pretty relaxing to enter that mindless state and then you realize that there's nothing you can do because I will ruin you lol! How long do you think it will take? One more video chat? 2? Lol! Or do I already have you? You know I thought it would be way harder to get all of that information out of you, it's almost like you wanted me to have it. It's really fun watching you like fake struggle, 'Oh no Skyler please don't...' LOL! It's actually like really cute. I wonder what else I could make you do... Could I blackmail-fantasy you to run all of my errands? Lol. I'll bet me talking in this first little intro video is already getting you pretty excited. Is your cock in your hand right now? Every beat of my voice that you hear makes you want to beat your dick. Let's think forward now a few weeks into our little blackmail-fantasy relationship that we have going. Imagine one morning you wake up and realize that I got all of the passwords to all of your accounts. You don't even know what I could do to you. Look into my eyes. You don't know me. You don't know What I'm capable of. I'm just some girl on the internet. I'll bet you're sitting there right now, dick in your hand, just pumping and getting harder and harder just thinking of all the things I could do to you because you're trapped lol. You know, I've been waiting for a blackmail-fantasy boy like you, one that's so willing to just spill all of his information. I wonder what I could get out of you? Could I get all of your bank account information? Could I get all of your credit information? I bet I could. I bet me talking about this more and more is making you even more excited lol. Why don't you go ahead and take care of that for me. Nice and slow, and remember, if you don't follow through, you won't be my blackmail-fantasy boy anymore. And you don't want that, do you? Then you'll never know how badly I could fucking ruin you. You might think that I'm cute and harmless, but you'd be wrong. Every day you'll be wondering what I'll do next. Will I call your boss or your girlfriend? And the craziest thing is that your dick just gets harder and harder lol. It's so fun to watch you beg, you beg me to stop but I know that's exactly what you want me to threaten. You want me to ruin you. You want me to out you. It makes you feel so good. Lol. I know you're still stroking. Keep going boy. Up and down. I know I control your cock. Jerk it and beg me, 'Please Skylar, please ruin me.' LOL! And you know that I will.

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