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I really want this bra and if it could be drenched in ur milk;)

I could absolutely do that for you ;) email me at sally.anon.ftw@gmail.com if you're interested

I could absolutely do that for you ;) message me  if you're interested

WARNING THIS VIDEO IS SLIGHTLY FUZZY AND OUT OF FOCUS SO IT IS DISCOUNTED!!! HD 1080p 60fps Video - **Classic vid!** This is one of my videos from when my boobies were still in training before they became the 40 K cup super producer lactating tits with the HUGE nipples that I have now! My milk supply has tripled since then and my nipples and tits are even bigger now! Enjoy! If you want to see before and after, check out my newer content! - **DESCRIPTION:** So, sad story. I was super excited to film this. I remember filming, talking to you, feeling so sexy and hot, getting so turned on thinking about talking to you and showing my beautiful milky breasts an nipples, and then... I saw the final product. It was out of focus!!!!!! I was so disapointed :( After watching it again I was again so excited by how sexy my converstaion was and how hot all my milking and massaging was, even if out of focus. So I decided I'd still offer it to you discounted because it's still an amazing video. I spray milk everywhere, talk sexy, I massage my deicious tits and nipples, I have milk dripping all over my hands, it's so much good stuff. So much good stuff in fact that I thought it would be just wrong to let this video go to waste. I hope you enjoy my fuzzy, but super hot, oopsie!!! WARNING THIS VIDEO IS SLIGHTLY FUZZY AND OUT OF FOCUS SO IT IS DISCOUNTED!!! - **Keywords:** bra cleavage dripping milk front view milk spraying milk squirting milk talking tit massage
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