Stretch my big nipples & squirt milk SD



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SD 480p 30fps Video - **Classic vid!** This is one of my videos from when my boobies were still in training before they became the 40 K cup super producer lactating tits with the HUGE nipples that I have now! My milk supply has tripled since then and my nipples and tits are even bigger now! Enjoy! If you want to see before and after, check out my newer content! - **DESCRIPTION:** In this quick video I start with a close up of my succulent plump nipple. Then I turn and begin to spray long glorious arcs of sweet creamy milk. Soon after I start to tug on my nipple to show how far it can stretch, which is pretty far ;). Milk continues to spray and drip down my hands as stretch and pull my nipple as far as it will go. - **Key words:** spraying milk squirting milk solo wet sounds side view dripping milk milk close up nipple stretch