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HD 1080p 60fps video - **Classic vid!** This is one of my videos from when my boobies were still in training before they became the 40 K cup super producer lactating tits with the HUGE nipples that I have now! My milk supply has tripled since then and my nipples and tits are even bigger now! Enjoy! If you want to see before and after, check out my newer content! - **DESCRIPTION:** I start out with my giant milk tits covered in a light gray dress. I slowly rub and caress my breasts and you can see my giant nipples straining against the fabric. Finally I reveal my giant milky breasts and begin to squeeze my nipples to squirt white creamy milk. Then I spit and you can watch it slowly drool around the beautiful curves of breast. I rub my saliva around making my nipples lick and shiny. I continues to spit on my breasts and nipples, letting slowly drip around the natural curves. It slowly mixes with my sweet milk making me extra slick and shiny. The rest of the video is me continuing to spit on, milk, and massage my giant milky tits :) - **key words:** solo wet sounds tit massage squirting milk spraying milk milk front view dripping milk dress