Clowning Around


Olivia Rose

American / Sin City
6:12 min - Sep 16 - .MP4 - 834.02 MB


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Recently I had a custom clown photo set with a black clown nose. I took a bunch of really sexy clown photos, and then decided it turned me on. I decided I couldn't help but touch myself. I start rubbing the out side of my black gartered panties. I was getting so turned on. I really needed to cum! I then pull the panties to the side and start fingering my super wet pussy. I was so turned on. I even tasted my sweet juices right off of my fingers. I kept going and then decided to grab a nice glass dildo. I slide it deep inside and start fucking myself. It felt so good! I was moaning louder and louder and I fucked myself harder until I came all over and made the glass toy drip with my creamy cum. This clip contains: Fingering, finger fucking, clowns, glass toy, solo masturbation, pussy play, stockings, garters, black and white