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HD 1080p 60fps video - **Classic vid!** This is one of my videos from when my boobies were still in training before they became the 40 K cup super producer lactating tits with the HUGE nipples that I have now! My milk supply has tripled since then and my nipples and tits are even bigger now! Enjoy! If you want to see before and after, check out my newer content! - **DESCRIPTION:** Nothing hits the spot during cold weather more than a pumpkin spice coffee. You could always buy one but it won't be anywhere near as delicious than if you make it at home, inlcuding making your own creamer ;) I had everything I needed except for the sweet creamy goodness provided by my succulent supple breasts. So I slowly break one out and begin warming up by hand expressing into my bottle. You can see the sweet creamy droplets slowly pour down my nipple and run down the side of the bottle. Once I get warmed up, I connect my pump. Instantly it starts pulling and tugging my long gorgeous nipples coaxing out more sweet droplets of milk. I massage my giant breasts to help encourage more milk out. Eventually I pull out my plump swollen nipple and express some more for my delicious coffee treat. I add my spices and my sweet creamy milk, but oops I forgot the spoon! I just have to stir with my finger and suck the coffee off. It tasted so good, I wish you could have had some ;) I decided to try and spray just a bit more delicious milky goodness at the end before finally saying goodbye. My milk looks beautiful swirling through the coffee. I hope it warms you as much as it did me ;) - **key words:** breast pump close up dripping milk front view huge boobs milk side view squirting milk talking