Lexxxi is The Milk Maid

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American / Phoenix, AZ
7,914 4.8
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Lexxxi has an impressive figure and while the premise of this video is simple, and there's no lactation that lactophiles can get excited for, she fully enjoys her hefty milk jugs.

whitemutant - Top reviewer Nov 19
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worth the money and time !! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm milking thats sounds yummy !! i have been a fan since you start back in the days you did alot in your own place the jogging and going to place !! you were just beginning and i became a fan right away !!! dreamed of you millions a time !! i even had you website for a little while and got videos and pictures there too !!! always will be a fan forever !!! Lexxxi your real name started with A can't remember all of it !! your breasts made me watch you and will keep me forever !!!

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Loved the video. Even tho there was no milk it was still hot. This girl is my dream girl

dcdude76 Sep 18 2017
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I'm not sure if I've ever watched a video that made me want a plate of cookies so badly. The only negative is that it looks like Lexxxi could use a pair of bigger, stronger hands to do the milking, but that's less complaint than wistful thinking on my part.

DosTetas Sep 15 2017
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Very hot video. The part where plays with your gigantic boobs is amazing, and the part where you milk them it's awesome

Lexxxi begins the video playing with her giant breasts and soft, full tummy. She then proceeds to 'milk' her full breasts to completion
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