Freebie Tuesday

Miranda Miller's Full Scene

20:10 min - Sep 14 - .MP4 - 1.72 GB


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Check out 18 year old, Miranda Miller's FULL SCENE! She's girl next door hot and has incredible feet and gives an amazing FIRST footjob. See her solo foot tease, foot worship and first footjob all in one clip and at a discounted price. Miranda Miller is a BRAND NEW GIRL! Just 18 years old and with size 9.5 feet, she's surely to be a major hit with you all. She extremely young looking and also has a really innocent look to her. She is from a small town in Colorado and now comes out to LA often. This is her VERY FIRST FOOT FETISH SHOOT! She's only been in the biz less than a month and I already have booked her for her FIRST FOOTJOB, FIRST FOOT WORSHIP SCENE as well as an ANAL CREAMPIE SCENE, too! This girl does it all and does it all while wearing a wide ear to ear grin. In fact, you can't keep her from smiling. Just a great great girl to work with and I will surely be working with her again and soon! I have Miranda wear her well worn sneakers with no socks. Her feet are very sweaty as a result. I have her remove each sneaker and then hold up her feet to the camera. See her wrinkled soles and also the tops of her feet in this scene. Lots of toe pointing, toe wiggling as well as toe spreading and closeup action of her super soft feet. She gets weekly pedicures, in fact. Hence the super soft feet! Next, I lick her 18 year old, super soft feet and soles! I couldn't wait for this after knowing just how soft and smooth her soles were. Her size 9.5 feet are incredible and she is also quite TICKLISH as I lick her bare feet and suck her toes. She is very vocal throughout this clip. Check out the variety of angles where she gets her feet worshiped on camera for the VERY FIRST TIME! As I worship her feet, she rubs my cock over my shorts getting me ready as she prepares to give her FIRST FOOTJOB! We start the footjob scene off by me finishing up some foot licking and then she teases off her clothes and strips down and is completely nude now. I enter and she plays with my cock and teases it while I lick her other foot. I get instantly hard as I lick her soles and she gently strokes my cock. She got the footjob motion down really well as she wraps her arches around my dick and strokes away. Next comes the oil and it makes it even easier as she strokes my cock up and down. Not only that, she uses her FINGERNAILS on my cock and it felt oh so good!! WOW!! She knew just how to tease me with her fingers gently as her other foot continued to play with my dick. It was the PERFECT TEASE!! More cock jerking and then it was time to unload a huge blast of cum that just kept cumming and cumming all over those fresh EIGHTEEN YEAR OLD BARE FEET!! Miranda then holds up her cum soaked wrinkled soles directly at the camera. She continues to do this by doing a toe point so you can see her 18 year old wrinkled soles and then she spreads her toes with the cum dripping. This is an awesome scene with a BRAND NEW 18 YEAR OLD GIRL, FRESH TO THE INDUSTRY! Starring: Miranda Miler and John