Freebie Tuesday

Getting Out of Detention


Princess Bambie

American / Avalon
15:45 min - Sep 26 - .MP4 - 1.84 GB


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In this video I'm your favorite teacher's pet. I've never gotten detention before, and when you ask me to stay after class I can't believe my perfect record will be marred forever. Your laptop is sitting out on your desk unlocked and you're nowhere to be seen, so I decide to take a peek. What I find is a copious amount of teacher/student porn and I instantly begin plotting how to keep this detention off the record. I start making you a private little video on your webcam, explaining how this detention could ruin all of my future plans and how badly I want to keep it off the books. I start undressing and decide to give myself an unconventional punishment I feel you'll think worthy of keeping between us. Spanking myself with a metal ruler I can feel my pussy start to get more and more wet and come up with an even better punishment. I take your sharpie off your desk and begin slowly sliding it inside my cute tight little ass, and then use it to play with myself until I cum for you