Troop Leader Mom Prepares Son for Camp

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I's your first time going away to camp. Aren't you excited? Ever since I took over the leadership of your troop, I've been looking forward to this. Are you nervous? Why? I've taught you how to cook, how to pitch a tent, how to tie your knots. You know all of your camp songs. Come on, let's sing one together. ... You're still nervous aren't you? I know why. It has nothing to do with your camping skills. You're worried about bumping into the girl troop. You're feeling underprepared. Well fear not. Mommy is only happy to help. How about we unzip those shorts and see what we are working with? ... My, my! It's as though you're carrying a loaded weapon. There should b no loaded guns at camp young man! How about I take care of that for you