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Plaything for a Giantess

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90 5.0
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What could possibly be a more enjoyable demise than to be caught, punished, orgasmically tortured and finally swallowed whole by the most exotic, erotic, sexy, sensationally gorgeous but dangerously delicious diva - giantess Calli?!

Calli is an awesome giantess,
With beauty, charm and wit -
But don't you dare upset her
Or you'll be right in the shit!

She's a lean, mean sexy goddess,
She will punish you for sure;
her erotic ways of torture
Will just make you scream - for MORE!

She will terrify and titillate,
Seduce with sexy wile;
And all your painful punishment,
Will make this starlet smile!

Her climaxes are beautiful,
She'll grind you to a pulp;
And then she will just swallow you
With one big Calli gulp!

Watching her is so erotic,
It just makes me wish and pray
That this supermodel giantess
Will capture me - TODAY!!

You thought you could sneak into my lair, did you? Were you going to spy on me? It’s not that easy to hide from a giantess though. Fee-fi-fo-fum, I can smell you, silly little human. If I can smell you, I can find you! There you are! Now you’re all mine, and I’ve been wanting a new plaything. I love to use silly little humans as my toys and you’ll do just fine. I pop you in my panties and grind you against my clit as I play with myself. I take off my panties and push you inside my pussy. Can you feel my vibrator as I use it to push you further inside me? Can you feel me tight around you as I orgasm? Silly little human. Now you’re all covered in my cum. There’s nothing to do but lick you clean and swallow you whole – my plaything forever. (This clip includes first person pov, and third person shots, as well as an extreme pussy close up with tiny feet sticking out as I cum!) //tags: giantess, vore, shrinking fetish, solo female, solo masturbation, dirty talk, vibrator, orgasm, small tits, hairy bush, femdom, female domination, Australian accent, Aussie domme, Australian domme
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