Ryan Conner Cuckolds U With Your Bully

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1,816 5.0
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monkeytatz69 - Top reviewer Dec 1 2017
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Its true Ryan Conner is incredible!! Hopefully I can be the next bully that gets to fuck her ;)

Your wife Ryan Conner starts by looking in the camera and calling you a bitch. She tells you, her cuckold husband to kneel in front of her as she brings you good news: she ran into an old friend of yours today: the bully who used to beat you up in high school. He told her all about what a loser you were back in high school and she told him that you are still a pathetic wimp today. She makes you nod your head and tell her that she is right. She laughs about all the mean things your bully used to do to you and then tells you the really great news: He's here now, in your home, and YOUR BULLY IS GOING TO FUCK HER IN YOUR OWN HOUSE. She unzips his pants in front of you as you kneel before your Alpha couple. She even makes you tell your bully how badly you want to watch your wife suck his cock. Pathetic!! She blows your bully in front of you and as his cock grows in her mouth she tells you how much nice and bigger it is than your little tiny cock. Then she has him sit down and she lowers her HUGE ASS onto his cock.. the ass that you never get to touch! Your alpha couple laughs at you as she bounces on his cock... knowing that you are near tears as you watch your wife fuck your worst enemy. Too bad you are too much of a wimp to do anything about it.. your bully will beat your ass just like the old days if you dare complain. WARNING: THIS CLIP IS DEGRADING AND HUMILIATING. YOU WILL LOSE ANY SMALL AMOUNT OF SELF ESTEEM YOU HAD LEFT. And RYAN CONNER IS INCREDIBLE