I Own Control of You Jared! 1080HD



New Jersey
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This clip does use the name Jared for a custom video, However if you into humiliation and blackmail its a great clip. The only thing I want to do Jared is destroying your world around you. I want to let everyone know what kind of a freak you are. Funny, because I have all your emails and texts and let's not forget some videos of you. Boy o boy, if I told your boss, family and your girlfriend what a fucking fag you are, you could lose everything. Sure, I find it funny, but you always give into me, because you can't stop thinking about me and my power over you. If I have to threaten your job and you lose your job, girlfriend....well Oh well. Then again, I want to hurt you and stretch your holes. I promise if I have to fuck your mouth with a 14-inch strap on and fuck your ass like my bitch then it will happen, and you know there is not a damn thing you can do about it. I am such an evil bitch and I love it