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I can't deal with this heat. And it looks like you're about to melt as well. ------------ It's one of the hottest days of the year. Sydney comes home from work in heels, a mini skirt and blouse, takes a seat in front of you and crosses her legs. She complains about how hot it is and says she's about to melt right out of her skirt into a puddle on the floor. As she complains about the heat and keeps talking about herself melting, she pulls out something to start fanning herself with. But as she fans herself, she notices something strange happening to you. She discovers that crossing her legs and fanning herself is somehow giving her the power to make YOU melt. She relishes this power, using it to tease you and humiliate you. She describes how you're melting, while shocked and somewhat disgusted, then laughing at you. After you melt down to a little puddle, she stares down at you looking up at her. She continues to humiliate you when she starts to feel strange. She gets hotter and hotter and realizes she's starting to melt too. At first she's shocked by the process but then she notices that it feels good