Power of Three Sex Goddesses JOI


Miss Bat

9:09 min - Sep 26 - .MP4 - 668.65 MB


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BEST WITH HEADPHONES-* Three powerful Priestesses cast a sensual JOI sex magick spell over you. Our voices whisper into your ear, bringing you deeper under Our spell. Worship your Goddesses. We own your cock and your cum. Miss Bat and Empress Amelia perform a wax ritual and Miss Salem enters, cementing the Triad, the Power of Three, and creating a powerful spell for you to sip. We command you to worship Us as We anoint Ourselves in the wax. Follow Our voices. Worship Our bodies in the candlelight at sundown. Dr*nk the spell. Serve as Our slave forever. The power of Our sex magick completely devours you and you cum for Us - it's fucking amazing- We bring you deep, peeling the wax, whispering erotic commands, keeping you trapped under Our spell. Our hands are so beautiful, powerful and strong as We prepare your spell- imagine them wrapped around your cock- Cum for your Goddesses!! We infiltrate your cock and take control. clip contains: JOI, erotic magick, sex magick, jerk off instruction, mesmerize, orgasm control, JOI, candle wax, wax play, mind fuck, goddess worship, hand worship, sensual domination, mental domination -audio of your Goddesses whispering and speaking commands and mantras is transposed over film and music to truly penetrate your mind