Mommy's A Succubus

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1,671 5.0
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Jackie273 - Top reviewer Dec 29
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Kitty_LeRoux hot dirty talk as she plays with her soft curves So naughty so taboo seeing her face down ass up begging for you to breed... WoW.. So hot and so sexy Kitty playing with a cum filled pussy... cherry on the top

It's a significant day for you. After your birthday party guests leave, you go to find your mom. It's so weird, it's like she's got a sixth sense for your presence. She's so sweet and normal, but she's been really tired lately and you're worried about her- it is just you two, after all- and it always has been. She mentions feeling depleted of energy lately, but tells you not to worry. "I've been wanting to tell you something, though, but I wanted to wait until your birthday." She's so cute and frumpy and nervous while she tries to overcome her anxious feelings to tell you, doing a poor job of trying to fold the sheet in her hands. She takes a big breath and throws the sheet up in the air in defeat...but when it comes back down, your mother is not standing before you. "I'm a succubus, sweety. I always have been." You're stunned. She looks completely different...she's gorgeous...she's..HOT. She's not shy, she's oozing sexual energy and...she wants yours. Seems the more you've been growing, the more she's been wanting you. She's put all her effort into raising you, but she can't help it anymore..and she NEEDS you, she NEEDS your cum. "You have certain..natural instincts, being my son...what are they telling you to do?" You feel your desire growing. You want to pound her and fill her full of your seed, you can barely contain yourself. "Mmmmm...I'm so proud of you. Mommy raised such a sexy boy. Fill me with your strong seed." This clip includes: taboo, transformation, succubus, monster girl, virtual sex, cum play, dirty talk, big tits, pawg, impregnation fantasy themes