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slaves belong suffering in My dungeon



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slavery & CBT torment in My dungeon...I have My personal slave in the dungeon where he belongs! I'm going to chaining him to the walls, I will be making him wear a 1kg ballweight in between the ball crusher with a bar, locked on panty gag, Chinese nipple clamps, and a extra big weight (brick) to add to his suffering as My slave...and to add to his punishment I demand the window to be open wide to let him shiver in slavery! Also of course he has the cock cage locked on nice and tight. I order My personal slave to swing the ballweights when completely chained up, and he is totally chained up till I unchain him, there is no escape! When I demand a punishment, a slave must obey immediately, no excuses, if a slave needs punishment then that needs to be performed the second I demand! Watch as I have My slave swing the weights and ball crusher faster and faster, no mercy for punishments and no safe word for My personal slave, he of course hasn't done anything wrong, I keep him as a slave should be kept, always dressed as My slave ready to obey My every demand, afterall a punishment is a reward for My personal slave! I leave him to suffer in the cold dungeon as go out to have fun, I might unchain him when I get back or in the morning! A slave is a slave! Listen as I explain what I expect in the perfect personal slave...can you take the pressure of the weight