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British / ARIZONA
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Goldie plays the potion regression theme perfectly hitting all the things we want in a clip like this. I like nothing more than seeing an attractive woman melt into a puddle of helpless cuteness. Goldie does this to a tee. It would be wonderful to see her in a similar situation again one day, maybe she will never grow up again.

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Goldie gets home from a busy day at work hoping to unwind wishing she had less stress in her life like when she was a kid...She sees you have left her a cocktail and she is thankful to have a dr*nk to unwind ,taking a long dr*nk she soon feels tingly and relaxed as she dozes off!... As she awakes from her nap she has turned into a bratty School Girl now in school uniform complaining she hates having to do homework and just wants to play with her toys and watch cartoons!She sees the glass grabbing it as juice, dr*nking it up through the straw,suddenly she feels ticklish and giggles and squirms onto the floor as she is transformed into a baby only in a diaper she giggles and coos baby talk as she explores her body sucking her thumb and playing with her feet as she kicks them in the air and grabbing her toes she sticks them in her mouth one foot at a time to suck,as she sees you she calls Dada and crawls over to you wanting you to chase and play with her as she crawl around the rug before falling back sucking on her thumb and falling asl*ep