Bad Dragon Unboxing Stan XL

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Canadian / New York
1,760 4.8
5:06 min - Sep 14 - .MP4 - 437.27 MB - 1280x720 HD
grem123 May 25

Hi Sammy was wondering if u was ever going to do a video off u trying stan xl out !!!

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Holy tits that thing is enormous! You could use that to bludgeon burglars!

ShyGuy732 - Top reviewer Dec 29
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I can only say OH MY GOD! That's scary big! As for your question, Sammy, no my cock isn't big enough if we're using this as our guide. :)

Zarramar Sep 23
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I am scared but also aroused .But to be honest that is a absolutely beautiful toy. look at the colour it is amazing ,And the size you could probably bludgeon someone to death with it, I hope she uses it for good instead of evil ,Maybe a little evil if she wears it as a strap-on dildo If that is even possible lol

Sammy Shayne unboxes her latest toy from Bad Dragon - Stan in XL, now this is a cock worth worshipping
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